Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Squirrelly Afternoon is a simple animation, but a really cute animation. I used just a small ball rig with a tail to show a small story of a squirrel bouncing from one branch to the other. It has all the classics of of a simple wall with the bouncing and squash and stretch; along with weight and secondary motion in the tail.  I personally find that in feature film animations that I love the silent side kick characters. They show so much emotion and spirit, that I couldn't help but animate one of mine own.

Speeding is a lip sync to a scene in Liar Liar, when he is pulled over by the officer. I did my own animated rendition of it with exaggerated hand and arm gestures to place emphases the words in the speech. 

What, Who's there?! is a fun little animation that is in my demo reel. It's a simple gear change but I like the feeling of the piece with the new background and direct lighting.

Demo Reel wk9_ Link is a better quality render of my newest Demo Reel.

Straight Trippn' is an animation to show a walk cycle, weight, and little funny story in between.

Demo Reel wk9

This is the newest version of my Demo Reel. It's week 9 and the final cut is due next week.  It shows all the animations that I have been working on, that I believe are the best that I have to offer.